My name is Robin Cutlip.

I am a mother, a Nana to three of the cutest grand-babies, a wife to my best friend, and after being a Special Education teacher at Webster County High School for 12 years I moved to CTE where I teach Careers in Education.


Now, I am running for House of Delegates for District 44.


This was not a decision that came lightly, but I need to stand up for my fellow teachers, my students, and my community. I teach my students every day that they are responsible for their future – that they must stand up for themselves and for others around them. If I do not stand up and try to enact change for our area, my words will mean nothing to them.

District 44 is one of the most beautiful districts in our state. It includes all of Webster County, part of Nicholas, Randolph, and Upshur County. I want our community to be proud of our area and I want them to have a voice for change. Working together we can make this the best district in the whole entire state. I will fight for everyone and I will listen to everyone.

I will be your voice.

We will all make decisions together and become stronger than ever.

Robin's Platform

My platform is all about providing a hand up to our most vulnerable citizens. I want to see everyone in our state happy, healthy, and prosperous. Until we end the cycle, we are in our fellow West Virginias will continue to suffer. I am tired of seeing our people hurt. I will be a representative that cares for ALL of our people.